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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 10 (February 1, 1930)

Longer Frocks

Longer Frocks

Have they come to stay? Last year only the very “ultra” girl appeared in a high waisted frock with a much longer skirt—but now it seems that they are not only going to stay but are the thing for this summer. No more ugly knees! And very very few girls can afford to show them. The longer skirt is much more graceful and becoming—and for dance dresses is quite essential. Nothing looks more “unfinished” and awkward than a short and skimpy evening frock—you will all agree with me here. While you are dancing they have a habit of creeping up and up and when you are sitting down there are no divine fluffy billows to shake out round you—no alluring filmy flounces. Definitely dance frocks this season are long and flowing, sometimes even touching the ground at the back—while waists are rising. Some of the latest evening frocks present quite a Victorian appearance but they are wonderfully graceful and comfortable and make one scorn the wretched little short tight skirt of a year ago.

Our day frocks are also to be longer—two inches below the knees—dwellers in “Windy Wellington” will be glad to hear this—costumes and coats with longer skirts and more freedom as to width. Remember this when you are planning your wardrobe, for the winter—and although “black and white” is going to be the rage this season—consider that few girls can really wear black. If you are pale and dark don't even think of yourself in black—turn to the greens and reds and blues.