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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 10 (February 1, 1930)

Causes of Bearing Troubles

Causes of Bearing Troubles.

A complete oil film is known to be the great essential of correct lubrication. Hence, incorrect lubrication which leads to troubles is due to conditions that interfere with the formation and maintenance of an effective oil film.

The causes of bearing troubles may be classified under the following six heads:—(1) Incorrect structure of the bearing, as influenced by materials, design, workmanship, adjustment and wear. (2) Excessive pressures, resulting from misalignment, heavy belt pull, or overload of the machine beyond its designed capacity. (3) Temperature extremes, resulting from surrounding conditions, hot or cold, or from frictional heat and deficient radiation. (4) Contamination of the lubricant before or during use in the bearing. (5) Incorrect methods and practices of lubrication. (6) Unsuitable lubricant for the conditions.

(To be continued.)