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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 10 (February 1, 1930)


Some few weeks ago a declaration form (from the Superannuation Branch in your office), which has to be filled in and returned as proof that I am still in the flesh, was received at my home in Sydney. This fact, as you are aware, has to be attested to by the New Zealand Government's representative here or by a Justice of the Peace. I asked my wife to call on Mr. Blow and explain my position as regards seeing him personally. He (Mr. Blow) is punctilious in the discharge of his duties, which is befitting a man holding the position he does. He consented to signing the form, (to which my signature had already been attached), after my wife was able to satisfy him that she was not yet a widow. Just now, I feel that the mournful duty of reporting my demise is likely to fall to one of her successors. He requested, however, that I should write to you and explain matters. By doing this unofficially I shall be better able to give full details, so please pardon my digression from the usual channel.