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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)

Platform Platitudes

Platform Platitudes.

No need to go to gay Paree,
Los Angeles or Rome,
To see the sights—
The leading lights,
You'll see them all at home.
The things you see,
The sounds you hear—
The cream of all creation.
Just rest your feet
And take a seat
On any railway station.

“Still baffles Scotland Yard.”

“Still baffles Scotland Yard.”

The lilt of life,
The throb of hope—
Why search the hazy distance?
The railway station
Offers all
The colour of existence.
A philosophic sort of soul
Who thrives on contemplation,
Will taste the essences of life,
On any railway station.
The pulse of joy,
The beat of time,
The throb of expectation—
No need to travel round the world,
You've got your Railway Station.

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“Take their arms and call them daddy.”

“Take their arms and call them daddy.”