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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)

Articulated Locomotives

Articulated Locomotives.

The new 4-8-2 + 2-8-4 Beyer-Garratt locomotive for the South African Government Railways is, in point of maximum weight in working, the largest in the world as yet constructed to run on the 3ft. 6in. gauge. With an estimated tractive effort at 75 per cent, of the boiler pressure of no less than 78,650lbs. (states The Railway Gazette), the engine must take pride of place as the most powerful so far built in any country outside the United States. The design practically represents the maximum which can be accommodated on the 80lbs. permanent way, and within the limits of the track and loading gauges which form the South African main line standards. The engine develops a 48 per cent, greater tractive effort than the hitherto largest engine in the service on this system.