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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)

The Dawn Of The Railway

The Dawn Of The Railway.

Under the heading “The Dawn of the Railway,” we published, in our October issue, a letter giving the impressions of an eye-witness (John Dixon) of the famous Rainhill trials of a century ago. Another letter worthy of reproduction was that written by Thomas Creevey (an opponent of the railway). Writing from Knowsley to Miss Ord, on 14th November, 1829, he said:—

“To-day we have had a lark of a very high order. Lady Wilton sent over yesterday from Knowsley to say that the Loco Motive machine was to be on the railway at such a place for the Knowsley party to ride in…. I had the satisfaction of taking a trip of five miles which we did in just a quarter of an hour, that is 20 miles an hour…. The machine was occasionally made to put itself out, or go it, and then we went at the rate of 23 miles an hour and with the same ease as to motion or absence of friction…. But the quickest motion is to me frightful, it is really flying…. It gave me a headache which has not left me yet. Sefton is convinced that some damnable thing must come of it… Altogether I am extremely glad to have seen the miracle and to have travelled in it.”