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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)


Green and gold … and Wattle blossom—
Orange, umber, mauve
Filt'ring through the misted shadows
Of Spring's treasure-trove:
Peeping, glancing;
Creeping, dancing;
Amber'd sunbeams rove.
Sunshine red … and Wattle blossom—
Hark, the Bellbird's rune!
Where the Blue-wren flirts and twitters.
And Cicadas swoon
In the creamy,
Balmy, dreamy,
I'erfum'd breath of noon.
Sighing leaf … and Wattle blossom—
Tui's magic bell
Ringing through the scented spaces,
Through the shaded dell:
Silv'ry belling,
Sweetly swelling,
As the mists dispel.
Emerald … and Wattle blossom—
Daisies smile below,
Hiding in their satin petals
Secrets of the snow;
Garned'd nightly,
Stolen lightly,
When the Moon droops low.
Flaming west … and Wattle blossom—
Sunset's painted flight;
Skies a blaze of crimson glory
Scintillant in light.
Drowsing, swinging,
Clust'ring, clinging
Wattle-blooms—then Night!