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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 6 (October 1, 1929)

Pillow “Snips.”

Pillow “Snips.”

On the New Zealand Railways for some time past pillows have been supplied for hire on the principal long distance trains. These are fine fat pillows, for which newly laundered slips are supplied after each run, and they add greatly to the comfort of travel. Their increasing popularity with the public has led to their introduction on several additional trains.

A member of the Scots community at Dunedin booked for the first time by the “Night Express” to Christchurch recently. Shortly after the journey commenced the train attendant went through the ordinary carriages with a supply of these pillows. “How much?” asked the Dunedin man. “One shilling,” was the reply. “I'll take three,” said McTavish instantly. This rather staggered the attendant, so he diffidently asked why three were wanted by one man. “Can't we keep them?” said McTavish.

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