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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)


A Great State Institution 50
A Model Marshalling Yard 54
A Typical New Zealand Bush Railway (Photo.) 55
Adult Education 2225
Connecting Services in Britain 47
Cover Scene—Rail, Air and River, at Hamilton.
Dining Car Service in the U.S.A. 2628
Down the Buller 1721
Editorial—Disturbances 56
Farmers' Excursions 48
General Manager's Message 8
Giant's Tooth, South Island (photo) 41
Index 3
Inter-Island Farmers' Excursions 11
Ladies' Page 57
Lake Hanlon (photo) 4
Modern Methods in Our Workshops 46
“Nature Red in Tooth and Claw” 3440
Our London Letter 4245
Our Magazine 61
Promotions Recorded during June 63
Scene in the famous Buller Gorge (photo) 16
Suggestions and Inventions 63
The Lubrication of Bearings 5153
“The Manawatu” 2931
The Outlet of the Waihapo River (photo) 33
The Public Trust Office 58
The Southern Alps (poem) 59
The “Stourbridge Lion” 7
The Way We Go 910
Turbulent Waters in the Tongariro National Park (photo) 32
Whirled on Wheels 1215
Wit and Humour 49