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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Home Cooking on Wheels

Home Cooking on Wheels.

Every feature of the cooking art is taught with great care. The instruction ranges from the preparation of cuts of meat for broiling and roasting, to the creation of the most delicate sauces and salads. The courses of instruction cover the preparation of raw meat cuts, poultry of all kinds, fish, soup stock, sauces, eggs, vegetables, cold meats and garnishings, salads and relishes, hotbreads, puddings, pastries, beverages, and many other fundamentals of the culinary art. Every item of food served on a Pennsylvania dining car is prepared on the car.

Training in preparing and serving all dishes is given new men in the Pennsylvania dining car service as well as older employees, to whom new ideas are constantly presented. The average employee spends approximately three hours at school each week, while assigned to his regular page 27 run. At intervals, each employee is detailed to the school for a week or more or intensive training.