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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Hoots and Toots

Hoots and Toots.

Equal to my affection for the hansom is my admiration and respect for the railway engine. She is truly a lady of the old school, who nevertheless has kept up with the times in important essentials. She is eminently respectable, safe, sound, and sympathetic. She realises that she springs from aristocratic rolling-stock. No glad rags or ribald ravings for her. She dresses in black with quiet dignity. She moves out of the railway station with a discreet “toot,” like the Duchess of Thorndon retiring to whatever an engine's boudoir is called. Make no mistake, she possesses character and power, and can use them both, but she knows when to use them and when to throttle down. She can beat the “moderns” at their own game, but she is speedy without being “fast,” she never “gets off the rails,” and never goes gallivanting hither and thither like some of those gasoline gad-abouts who are deficient in mechanical manners. She is the oldest and the yet most up-to-date of the self-propelled plutocracy, and she knows it. Let us bare our crank-cases to this high-born lady, whose pressure-gauge palpitates with maternal feeling for us all, and whose way undoubtedly is the Permanent way.