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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Better Service being Devised

Better Service being Devised.

There are numerous improvements now in train for supplying better service to the users of the Railways. Amongst these, a comprehensive programme is now proceeding for the replacement of the present seating accommodation in second class carriages by a better type of seat. The interiors of cars are also receiving attention to make their appearance better. The quality of service which the Department is able to provide is, of course, limited by financial considerations. A middle course must be struck between what could be supplied were the relation between revenue and expenditure of no moment, and the maintenance of a margin no greater than is necessary to prevent defections of traffic through a standard being maintained insufficiently high to hold popular patronage. We want the public to feel always that the service the Department provides is invariably the best that can be secured at the price. The whole of our organisation is planned out with this end in view. The scale of our services is such that there is always a margin of transport power available to handle additional traffic, and as the public more and more use our services, so will we be able to give better value for the fares and freights received.