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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Our Magazine — What The Public Think

page 61

Our Magazine
What The Public Think

For several years I have used your Magazine extensively in school work, and I have derived considerable advantages from it. The Magazine is most adaptable for school correlation, for it deals with a multiplicity of subjects in a most skilful and interesting manner. The children like it very much; the boys especially like to pore over its pages. In this connection the “Royal Visit” number, February, 1927, is particularly worthy of mention. I have found it an invaluable aid in History, Literature, Science and Nature Study, as well as Geography. It is a splendid piece of work. —Mr. L. H. Joblin, Schoolmaster, Maungaroa Rd., via Raurimu.

* * *

I have shown the New Zealand Railways Magazine to a number of business men and distinguished overseas visitors, and they were simply delighted with the publication. The high standard of the articles, the excellent illustrations—the whole “get up” of the Magazine—appealed to their literary and artistic sense and was highly praised by them. It must be no light task producing, each month, a magazine of such high quality matter, and the Editor and his staff are to be congratulated on the production of a journal like this, which aids so materially to advertise our Dominion.—Colonel Burton Mabin.

* * *

Having from time to time received copies of your Magazine, I hope it may interest you to know how much I appreciate reading its contents. The illustrations are splendidly produced and the articles instructive of the way New Zealand has advanced since the introduction of Railways.—Wm. Heath, Ludlow Lodge, England.

* * *

The New Zealand Railways Magazine is a most welcome visitor every month. It is an excellent publication and quite credit to those responsible for its production. The only fault I find is that it upsets me and makes me want to come back to New Zealand.—From a Tasmanian who visited New Zealand about twelve years ago.

* * *

Taking into consideration the great importance of your Magazine for statistical purposes, we should feel much obliged if you could see your way to continue a regular dispatch of the journal, moreover, as it constitutes one of our main information sources regarding New Zealand.—Victor A. De Beaune, Institut International Du Commerce, Brussels, Belgium.

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