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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Kitchen Cleaning Hints

Kitchen Cleaning Hints.

Wash the sink free from grease with hot soap solution. The drain pipe should be cleared daily. Place two heaped tablespoonsful of borax on the grid and flush it down with a kettle of hot water. Follow with a flood of cold water.

Rinse weekly in hot borax water the bread and cake boxes. Wipe them dry with a clean fresh towel, and ventilate them thoroughly in the open air.

Scrape plates taken from the table with a rubber plate scraper, and wipe off the silver with paper napkins; stack the dishes according to kind and size, and let the hot water run over each separate pile before washing. To each gallon of water then add one tablespoonful of borax and the preferred amount of soap. Rinse in very hot water and wipe immediately with a lintless cotton or a linen towel. If the water is exceptionally hard, a little borax in the rinse water, too, aids in bringing the lustre to china, the sparkle to glassware and silver, that is so much desired.

* * *