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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Railway Timetables

Railway Timetables.

Two distinct sets of timetables, one for the use of the public, and the other for the staffs, are issued by the Home railways. The staff time-books are styled working time-tables, each book running to several hundred pages. Issued about twice annually, embracing the summer and winter periods respectively, the general principle in working time-table construction is for the main lines to be shown first in their geographical position, the branch lines following in similar order. Generally speaking, all stations, sidings and signal boxes, are shown in the tables, together with the distance between each station or signal box. Passenger and freight trains appear under suitable headings, e.g., fast freight, slow passenger, and so on. Conditional trains, running only as and when required, are usually shown in light type. Because of the magnitude of the task, there are only a limited number of printers who will contract for producing the Home railway working timetables. At the time of writing, the four group railways are busy producing their new Summer time-books, and, as a great many new trains are being put into traffic, the work of compiling the new volume is proving anything but an enviable one.