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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 1, 1929)

Empire Trade

Empire Trade

The British Trade Commissioner for New Zealand (Mr. W. D. Lambie) certainly opened the eyes of New Zealanders to the activities of the Empire Marketing Board by his recent exhibition and lectures in the Wellington Art Gallery.

Speaking of the posters and advertising matter artistically displayed upon walls and stands, Mr. Lambie said the idea behind the movement was to intensify the feeling of Empire unity and arouse interest in the subject of inter-Imperial trade relations in all parts of the Empire.

All towns and villages with a population of over 10,000, in Great Britain, have been postered with special maps of the Empire to concentrate interest and enthusiasm in regard to the lands won by the great pioneering soldiers, sailors, travellers and statesmen of the Empire. This is being supported by special articles in the Press of the Motherland, and by a campaign in the schools there to teach boys and girls the part the Dominions are playing in Empire development.

Whenever a manufacturing plant at Home receives an order from New Zealand special posters are placed through the works advising the workers to reciprocate by buying New Zealand products. Another way by which the sales of overseas products are stimulated is by broad-casting particulars of what Empire-grown food-stuffs are in season. “Empire” recipes and menu cards are prepared for the same purpose; and Mr. Lambie was able to give particulars of an “Empire” Christmas pudding, the recipe for which was prepared by the King's own chef. The effect of these activities on business has doubtless been a principal means of dispelling trade depression at Home, and has had healthy reactions in this country.