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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 2 (June 1, 1929.)

Otago Station Gardens

page 50

Otago Station Gardens

At a recent meeting of the Garden Circle of the Southland Women's Club, the result of the competition for the beautifying of Southland railway stations, organized by the circle, was announced. The three judges, Mrs. G. I. Moffett, Mrs. R. N. Todd and Mrs. J. B. Sale, inspected the stations and made the following awards:—Orepuki 1, Thornbury 2, Makarewa 3, Riverton and Warepa 4 h.c.

The Orepuki station will receive a cup presented by the president of the Southland Women's Club, to be kept for a year, and in addition a miniature of the cup and a cash prize of 30/-. Thornbury will receive a cash prize of £1. It was decided that a special prize of 10/- should be given to the Makarewa station. It was also decided that the two cups should be displayed for a time at the Invercargill railway station.

Mrs. Moffett, secretary of the Garden Circle, read the following account of the tour of the various stations:—

“Makarewa was first visited, and we found it very pleasing. The principal garden is an oval one cut out of the asphalt where the Makarewa name post stands. It has a small border of stones which is very effective.

“We called next at Thornbury. Here there are several small gardens all bright with flowers. They were very neat and tidy.

“Riverton, we discovered, had a small garden, carefully laid out and well cared for. The special feature was a bed of antirrhinums in very pretty colours.

“Orepuki was next visited, and we were amazed at the work that had been accomplished in four or five months. A large square lawn has been made with a garden at each corner and a central oval bed.

“We were particularly pleased with a bright show of godelias at the Tuatapere station.

“The next day we visited Lochiel and Winton. Lochiel has a narrow strip of garden, which, when made larger, will be very effective. Winton has several long garden plots with some good plants.

“Otautau was visited on Monday. The garden is pretty and easily seen from the train. On Tuesday we visited Warepa, which is at present gay with flowers. On the way to Warepa we also visited Kamahi, which has not entered for the competition, but has a very bright garden.

“We much appreciated the kindness of Mr. Morey, District Engineer, and his railway officials, who are most enthusiastic and interested in the gardens.”—Southland Times.