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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 11 (March 1, 1929)

A Story and Its Moral

A Story and Its Moral

“Quest” was promised a motor-car ride to Trentham on the second day of the recent meeting, but the car was already fully occupied when it pulled up at the appointed rendezvous. “Quest” therefore asked his host to drop him at Lambton Station, where he boarded a train which was just on the point of starting for the course. The train beat its own schedule by a few minutes and landed “Quest” at the course in time to permit his investing £1 on Imarosebud in the first race. Everything in the garden was just lovely, for the horse with the horticultural cognomen won and paid over half a score—enough to buy a whole carload of rosebuds. The moral of this little story is that “Quest's” motoring friends arrived at the course just as he was pocketing the fragrant “divvy.” A rose by any other name did not smell so sweet to the motorists that day, and they were heard to vow that they, too, would travel by train next time they go to Trentham. The racehorse and the “iron horse” were always faithful allies. Continue the entente cordiale, Mr. Sterling:—“Quest” in the “N.Z. Sportsman.”