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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2 (June 1, 1928)

Suggestions And Inventions. — Commendations

Suggestions And Inventions.

Bateman, F. H., Enginedriver, Greymouth—Suggested improvement to engine tenders in order to prevent waste of fuel.

Couchman, F. W., Sub-Foreman (blacksmith shops), Addington.—Suggested tool for making spring beams.

Le Sueur, W. H., Tablet Porter, Rotowaro.—Suggestion re ‘bus services.

Rawlinson, E., Term Casual Carpenter, Petone.—Suggestion re worker's weekly tickets.

Taylor, S. A. I., Carpenter, Newmarket.—Suggestion that angle-boxes on car window framing be rounded.

Commendations and Monetary Awards.

Berriman, A. E., Fitter, East Town.—Awarded bonus of £2 for suggested device for attaching acetylene gas generators to locomotives.

Boyes, A. E., Stationery Clerk, Wellington.—Awarded bonus of £10 for suggestion re G. 1 and G. 6, consignment note forms.

Bland, J., Striker, Addington, and Crosser, W., Blacksmith, Addington.—Awarded bonus of £1 each for suggested method of manufacturing bevelled washers for points and crossings work.

Forster, F. L., Timber Checker, Palmerston North.—Awarded bonus of £1 for suggested improved timber gauge.

Lake, G. W., Casual Carpenter, Petone.—Awarded bonus of £2 for suggested method of fastening roof battens and running boards of “J” wagons.

Murray, G. A., Fitter, Penrose.—Awarded bonus of £1 for suggested improvement to slide valves for water columns.

Trevor-Smith, H. S., Iron Machinist, Addington.—Awarded bonus of £1 for suggestion re manufacturing of locking pins for switches.