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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2 (June 1, 1928)

A Charming New Felt Handbag

A Charming New Felt Handbag.

This bag is made of soft felt, criss-crossed on both sides with lines of fine running stitch in contrasting colour simulating quilting. It is decorated with one rich deeply tinted rose of felt, lightly caught on with stitchery in fine wool. The frame is bound with a deep shade of felt, and the handle (set on at the right side front and left side back) is made of plaited strips of felt in the same tone. The “lock” is a tab of felt whipped with wool and equipped with a stout buttonhole. A prettily-coloured button makes the fastener.

The applique sections should not be whipped down on the edges, but the outlinings of the mid-vein should suffice to hold the leaves, and the outlining of the petals should hold the rose in place.