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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (May 1, 1928)

Business Methods in Italy

page 21

Business Methods in Italy.

Under the government of Mussolini rapid strides have been made in recent times by the Italian Government Railways, which are now run on essentially business lines. In three years a railway deficit of £12,000,000 has been turned into a profit of £2,000,000, and all over Italy the most ambitious plans are under way for the development of the Government railway system.

The 12,500-mile Italian railway system of today broadly comprises two main trunk routes running north-west and south-west, one on either side of the land, an intricate network of lines serving the whole of northern Italy, a distinct system serving the island of Sicily, and a small self-contained railway system in Sardinia. In the past few months there has been great activity in railway construction in northern Italy, primarily with the idea of stimulating the trade of the great ocean gateway of Genoa. The Italian Government Railways are aiming at building a new trans-Alpine line, running through the Stelvio Pass and the district of Resia, to connect in the shortest and quickest manner Genoa and the capitals of Central Europe. It will also join the port of Venice with the principal European centres. The Italian Government Railways give employment to something like 173,000 workers, and the railways of the land are this summer being called upon to handle an exceptionally heavy tourist business.

Viborg Passenger Station, Finland.

Viborg Passenger Station, Finland.