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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (May 1, 1928)

Boys And Their Ambitions

Boys And Their Ambitions.

Do boys favour “black-coated” occupations rather than manual trades? An inquiry has been made at Carlisle (England) by the organising superintendent to the Carlisle Education Committee, who states that the impression of those most closely in touch with boys is that the practical arts of life have still the same attraction for the boy that they always had. The headmasters of twelve schools questioned their older boys on the matter, some 850 boys recording their preferences. The largest vote, 158, was given for transport service on railways, motors, etc. The next highest vote, 141, was given for the building trades, and the third highest, 130, for engineering. Only 96 voted for clerical work, and 62 for professional life. Other occupations hankered after were those of the sculptor, ship's steward, money-lender, rancher, window cleaner, jockey, priest, hotel boots, and the sweep. “The budding ranchers and window cleaners we take to our hearts, but preserve us from the youth with dreams of usury” (comments the “Glasgow Weekly Herald”).