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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (May 1, 1928)

Specialisation, Recreation And Study

Specialisation, Recreation And Study.

Specialisation and machinery have increased production, and in consequence real wages have been increased and the hours of labour shortened. More time for recreation has produced a healthier life and provided a much wider margin for study. To the studious worker the new system opens up a field of research of unlimited interest; it presents a range and variety of problems in science and art hitherto unknown.

Theoretical as well as practical knowledge is necessary to-day if we would make a real success of our jobs. Tom Heeney would not have qualified for a world's championship by merely studying physical culture. It was necessar for him to go into the for him to go into the ring and test, in a practical manner, the theoretical knowledge he possessed. To excel as a swimmer, books will help, but swimming must be learnt in the water.