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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 12 (April 1, 1928.)

Outward Goods Shed

Outward Goods Shed.

The new outward goods shed has already been constructed.

The main dimensions of the building are 460ft. × 160ft. A length of about 50ft. is taken up at one end by offices, etc., the loading space being reduced in length to about 410ft. accordingly.

The new building has two 58ft. outer bays and a 44ft. centre bay. Each outer bay covers a 49ft. roadway adjoining a siding alongside the outer wall. Two tracks at 11ft. centres run down the middle of the centre bay, with platforms 12ft. wide adjoining. Lorries may unload either at one of these platforms or direct into trucks on the opposite side of the roadway. One-way traffic for road vehicles is provided for within the building.

Auckland Cross Section, Inwards Goods Shed Fig. III.

Cross Section, Inwards Goods Shed
Fig. III.

The centre bay is served by two overhead 1 1/2ton travelling cranes spanning its entire width, each with traverser and underhung slewing jib to enable loads to be handled from lorries either on to the platform or direct into trucks. This arrangement was preferred to the installation of pillar cranes at intervals.

The 12ft. width of platform was adopted in preference to a wider platform, as it was considered to provide all the storage space necessary. The narrower platforms have the advantage of aiding the quick transhipment of goods, and also of allowing a greater width of roadway in the adjoining bay.