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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 12 (April 1, 1928.)

Passenger Traffic

Passenger Traffic.

As previously described, the station platforms are on a level 15ft. above street level. Access is provided from the present street level to the station basement, where all luggage will be received and conveyed through subways and lifts to the several platforms.

Graded ascents from the present street will be constructed so that passengers may alight from motor or tramcar at the main station entrance. They will pass through the booking hall to a concourse or circulating area, whence any of the platforms may be reached through subways and gently graded ramps.

A roadway is provided alongside the main arrival platform, so that passengers arriving may engage taxis drawn up on the opposite side of the platform, and have only the width of the Platform to negotiate with their effects.

Long distance night travellers will find every convenience awaiting them within the station concourse, such as dressing rooms, lavatories, hairdressing saloons, refreshment rooms, etc.