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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 12 (April 1, 1928.)

Grist for the Railway Mill

page 47

Grist for the Railway Mill

There are between three and four thousand new applications yearly for employment on the New Zealand Railways. This number does not include those, applicants who, having resigned from their previous employment with the Department are applying for re-employment. Approximately 40 per cent, of the total number of applications are renewed sometime during the year.

The following will indicate how applications for employment are dealt with.

After applications have been received the first step is to ascertain whether previous application for employment has been made. If such is the case, the previous papers relative thereto are looked up and the new application attached. Where no previous application has been made files are prepared and the applications are recorded. It is essential that copies of all papers submitted by the applicants be kept for future reference. Applicants who do not forward their papers in accordance with the instructions on the application form are written to and informed that before their application can be considered they will require to produce the papers which were omitted when forwarding the application. Completed applications are handed to the officers dealing with the different classes of work for which the applicants have applied, and their names are then recorded in the employment register in the order received. After the names have been registered the files are returned to the Employment Bureau where replies are forwarded to the applicants informing them that their names have been noted for a vacancy and that they will receive an appointment in their turn.

The following figures indicate the extent to which the Railways absorbed staff during the past 3½ years:—

New applications 10,600
Nominated for appointment 4,563
Appointments 3,098
Appointments = 29% of new applications.