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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 12 (April 1, 1928.)

Promotions Recorded During March

page 46

Promotions Recorded During March.

Traffic and Stores Branches.

Sword, B. R., Traffic Manager, Divisional Superintendent's Office, Auckland, to District Traffic Manager, Dunedin.

Penn, H. A., District Traffic Manager, Special Gr. 3, Ohakune Junction, to Traffic Assistant, Special Gr. 2, Divisional Superintendent's Office, Auckland.

Milligan, S. S., Clerk, Gr. 2, Comptroller of Stores Office, to officer in charge, Advertising Branch, Special Gr. 3, Wellington.

Pullin, W. F. G., Foreman Gr 4, Locomotive Shops, Invercargill, to Workshop Manager, Grade 3, East Town.

Hartland, P. H., assistant D.T.M., Wellington, to District Traffic Manager, Special Gr. 2, Wanganui.

Shunters to Guards:

Fleet, H. E. N., to Omakau.

Hurndell, A. W., to Culverden.

Leahy, J. E, to Ohakune Junction.

Storemen to Guards:

Hall, W. C. R., to Picton.

Jackson, H. D., to Tuatapere.

Porters to Shunters:

Asquith, N. H. E., to relief, Auckland.

Bruce, J. R. B., to Lyttelton.

Davis, F. H., to Wellington Goods.

Hoskins, W O., to Palmerston North.

Mai, A. F., to Wellington Goods.

Park, W., to Mosgiel.

Wallace, P. P., to Lyttelton.

Porters to Storemen:

Gwilliam, N. H. V., to Gr. 2, Napier.

Hardie, W. S., to Gr. 2, Westport.

Tablet Porter to Signalman:

Nicklewright, H. G., to G. 2, Timaru.

Locomotive Branch.

Angus, R., boilermaker, to leading boilermaker, Invercargill.

Henwood, H. C., labourer, and acting-fettler, to skilled labourer and acting-fettler, Addington.

Hill, W. H. A., fitter, to leading fitter, Palmerston North.

Murray, S. C. M., skilled labourer, to iron machinist, Addington.

O'Neill, T. Z., labourer and acting-crane driver, to skilled labourer and acting-crane driver, Westport.

Perry, S. H., fitter, to leading fitter, Wanganui.

Priest, H. R., boilermaker, to leading boiler-maker, Westport.

Walker, E. W. J., iron machinist, to Special Gr., Petone.

Maintenance Branch.

Labourer to Bridgeman:

Nankivell, R. F., to Whangarei.

Labourer to Skilled Labourer:

Robertson, W. P., to Whangarei.

Automatic Signal Maintaincrs, Gr. 1 to Special Gr.

Hantom, F., to Auckland District.

Springer, H. W., to Auckland District.

Cooper, G. E, to Auckland District.

McIntyre, D. F., to Wellington District.

Electric Linemen, Gr. 1, to Special Gr.:

Jameson, W. S., to Dunedin.

Myerscough, R. G., to Wellington.

Webb, G. H. J., to Christchurch.

Signal Adjusters, Gr. 1, to Special Gr.:

Beaumont, J. M., to Invercargill District.

Bennett, R. J., to Auckland District.

Garner, C., to Wanganui District.

Macfarlane, E. M., to Christchurch district.

Porteous, J. C. M., to Dunedin.

Suggestions and Inventions.

Banks, H. E. S., Guard, Lambton.—Suggestion re train departure boards.

Duncan, A., Ticket Inspector, Dunedin.—Suggested special cap for reserve seat porters at the principal stations.

Gilmour, D. S., Leading Fitter, Penrose.—Suggested design, for stand point valves.

Holmes, Casual Fitter, East Town.—Suggested improved brake lever for motor velocipedes.

Morgan, R. H., Stationmaster, Thorndon.—Suggested improved system of accounting and dealing with applications for sleeping berths.

Thomas, R. H. L., Porter, Clinton.—Suggestion re carriage door keys.

Woodrow, T. M., sub-Foreman, Addington.—Suggested improvement to boilers with flexible stays.

* * *

Monetary Awards.

Duncan, A., Ticket Inspector, Dunedin.—Awarded bonus of £2 for suggested method of identifying school season tickets

Wright, F., Term Casual Turner, Addington.—Awarded bonus of £5 for suggested improved method of manufacturing Westinghouse brake emergency taps.