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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 12 (April 1, 1928.)

Care of Combs And Brushes

Care of Combs And Brushes.

The bobbed and shingled hair fashion has made many women careless of their hair. It is so easy to run a short comb through it and let it go at that. Good brushing is essential to the care of the hair, and the scalp needs the exercise that comes from vigorously brushing it in different directions.

To wash your brush, put a piece of soda about the size of a walnut into a quart of hot water. Comb out the hair that may be lodged in the bristles of the brush, and then dip the brush, bristles down, repeatedly into the hot soda water. When the brush looks clean, rinse in cold water, shake well, wiping off any water which may have got on the handle or back. Dry in the sun or near the fire. Combs should be scrubbed frequently and rinsed in nearly boiling water to sterilise them. Waterwave combs, nets and caps—in fact anything that comes in contact with the head, including sofa cushions—should be kept scrupulously clean if you wish clean-looking healthy hair.