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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 12 (April 1, 1928.)

Why an Engine should be “She.”

Why an Engine should be “She.”

The following amusing letter from “Japanese Lady” appears in the Shipping Register of San Francisco:—

“Some time ago you publish in your voluble paper article on female shipping steamer. I have thought to write you about female engine on train. You know why! Yes, they call she for many becauses.

“They wear jacket with yokes, pins, hangers, straps, shields, stays. They have apron, also lap. They have not only shoes but have pumps. Also hose and drag train (psgr. and freight) behind. They attract men with puffs and mufflers. Sometime they foam and refuse work when at such time they should be switched. They need guiding—it always requires man manager.

“They require man to feed them. When abuse are given they quickly made scrap.

“They are steadier when coupled up, but my cousin say they hell of expense. Is not enough reason!”