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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7 (November 1, 1927)

Safety Advice from President — Coolidge

Safety Advice from President

With the object of stimulating interest in the work of the Safety Section of the American Railway Association in educating the motor driving public to exercise the utmost caution before driving over level crossings, President Coolidge recently made an appeal to all concerned in a letter sent to the Chairman of the Association. The letter, which bears the date March 24th, 1927, refers to the “important and creditable task” with which the Association is occupied in its endeavours to lesson the number of fatalities and injuries at level crossings throughout the United States.

The loss of 2,492 persons, and injuries to 6,991 others in the year 1926 in crossing accidents (says Mr. Coolidge), demonstrates the need of more care and caution. “Unquestionably the railroads must be required to give ample warning of the approach of trains to highway crossings, and throw around the highway traveller at such crossings suitable safeguards, appropriate to the volumn of traffic.

“With equal force there must be public recognition of the need of a very high degree of care on the part of motorists approaching and passing over railroad crossings. If that care which prudence dictates is exercised at crossings by all users of highways, then we shall surely curb the increasing tragedies… It is my earnest wish that all motorists…. exercise that skill, judgment, and caution which assures safety at grade crossings.”

The railway injunction to “Stop, Look, and Listen!” before driving or walking over a level crossing, offers a surer guarantee of safety than crossing gates, or mechanical warning devices. It is all to the good to have the lesson of caution in this important matter so strongly stated by the President of the United States.