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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7 (November 1, 1927)

Advantages of Railway Profession

Advantages of Railway Profession.

The railway profession is now held to possess many advantages which are not enjoyed by the other professions open to those who do not hold the higher educational qualifications; the salaries are substantial and likely to improve as the service develops; the work is varied and instructive; the conditions of employment afford generous concessions, and ultimately the retiring allowances and privileges leave little to be desired.

While private employment may offer greater rewards for individual brilliancy and merit, its paths of advancement are frequently tedious and unsound; the railway service provides a steady progress, and the average man is assured of a competent income supplemented by useful privileges.

Not the least important feature of the service is its pleasant associations; there is a band of genuine friendship among its members which outlasts the term of service; the lure of the open road gets into the blood and imbues its associates with a desire to answer its insistent call.

The Lure of the Railway. Another Transport Problem.

The Lure of the Railway.
Another Transport Problem.