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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (October 1, 1927)

Spring-Time-New Zealand — (A Vision.)

Spring-Time-New Zealand
(A Vision.)

Land of my heart's desire, I think of thee
And of thy wondrous beauty.
Land of my heart's desire, I stand
Upon the threshold of another spring
And sing-
Another spring!
And the delight
Of virgin green spread o'er the land;
Of sun-kiss'd flowers, birds on the wing
From dewy dawn to twilight.
Soon the delight
To see once more the butterfly
Tasting the fragrance of the new-born rose,
Or on the bosom of a leaf repose
Filling with sunned warmth his rainbow-wings.
Oh the delight
Of all the myriad little insect things
So soon to creep, to crawl, to fly;
To watch the bee at morning-hour,
Industrious, haste from flower to flower!
Soon the delight for me
To rake the rankling garden-weeds,
To sow again the tiny seeds.
From whence shall grow bright poppy-blooms,
With which my Sweet adorns her rooms.
Soon the delight to see
A youthfulness in everything.
Of another Spring
In my land-
New Zealand-
I sing…I sing.