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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5 (September 1, 1927)

Dairy Company Favours National Transportation System

Dairy Company Favours National Transportation System.

A pleasing feature of present day transportation in New Zealand is the swing of public opinion, including business opinion, in favour of using the Railways wherever possible as the transport agency for the country's products.

This was exemplified at the recent annual meeting of a dairy company which has a large yearly output of butter. Despite the fact that the cost of sending their produce by rail would occasion the company some additional expense, the meeting decided in favour of the rail method of conveyance.

Doubtless the national aspect had much to do with the decision arrived at, and it is gratifying to find evidence of so healthy a public spirit amongst members of what is now the Dominion's most important producing industry. The long view, which regards transportation as a necessary part of production, and sees ultimate prosperity as something only to be maximised when the country's own facilities for transport are used in the conveyance of the country's own products, is the outlook now held by all the most progressive of our people.