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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5 (September 1, 1927)

Suggestions And Inventions. — Commendations

Suggestions And Inventions.

Berriman, A. E., Fitter, East Town. -Suggested alteration to “Ab” and “Bb” locomotive packing stud boxes.

Elmes, E. C. D., App. Carp., Addington. -Commended and awarded a bonus of £5 for suggested plate to hold braces on “J” wagons.

Farmer, D., Cas. B'maker, Addington. -Suggested method of eliminating corrosion in locomotive boilers.

Henstock, W. C., Porter, Taumarunui. -Suggested method of station names on destination boards of carriages.

Marr, A., Surfaceman, Clyde. -Commended and granted a bonus of £2 for suggestion regarding gang lengths Otago Central line.

Skelton, C. E., Cas. Iron Machinist, East Town. -Awarded bonus of £2 for suggested adjustable guard for emery stones.

Thompson, H. H., Clerk of Works, Hutt Valley. -Suggested method of heating tar.

Wainscott, H., Stationmaster, Cross Creek. -Suggested method for adjusting overcharges on milk and cream traffic.