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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5 (September 1, 1927)

Teaching Safety In The Home

Teaching Safety In The Home.

In a circular recently issued by the President of the Pere Marguette Railway (U.S.A.) attention is drawn to the fact that in 1926 there were no less than 621,000 casualties on the highways of the nation in addition to 9,483 at railroad level crossings. Believing that there is a certain relationship between the two types of accident—that carelessness and recklessness account for the major portion of all our accidents—and that the safety appeals made to men hitherto on this subject have apparently not been heeded, the President suggests that the womenfolk of the United States and Canada start a vigorous safety campaign in the homes in the hope of lessening the heavy annual toll of accidents.

horse sense

horse sense

It is an excellent suggestion and if taken up with sufficient enthusiasm and understanding is likely to have beneficial results. It is only in proportion as men and women are made conscious of the dire fruits of carelessness that accidents due to this major cause will disappear.