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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5 (September 1, 1927)

New Engines Out Of Old

New Engines Out Of Old.

It is intended as the old boilers run down, to renew all the “Q” class locomotives (13 in number) with “Ab” class boilers. Opportunity is also being taken to renew the central portion of the frame whilst the locomotives are being reboilered.

The older types of locomotives are now fast disappearing being replaced by more powerful types to meet modern requirements.

The classes of locomotives listed below have so far either been written off, or will be stopped and written off, in the near future:-

Class “Bc,” “C,” “D,” “K,” “O,” “S,”“V,” and “Wj” 466.

Probably the latter locomotive (the only one of its class-and used for many years assisting on the Ngaio bank) is better known as “Jumbo,” owing to the height of the side tanks and its general stumpy appearance.

These locomotives are not only being withdrawn from service: after being stripped of all useful gear they are being handed over to the Maintenance Department for dumping in suitable spots.

The photographs held in the Head Office at Wellington will soon form the only link with these old “coffee-pots” of the past.