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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4 (August 1, 1927)

Cable Radio And Telegraph — Address — “Grandee” Auckland 4th July, 1927. —

Cable Radio And Telegraph
“Grandee” Auckland 4th July, 1927.

Dear Mr. Coates

The Administration of the State Railways have treated me very generously indeed. The splendid ministerial cars so kindly offered for my journey on both Islands not only gave my little party the greatest possible comfort but also enabled us to fully enjoy the remarkable beauty of your country.

I was just going to express my most grateful thanks when your gracious letter and the interesting N. Z. Railways Magazine were brought to me. They greatly add to my indebtedness and enhance my gratitude towards you. While thanking you most warmly for so much courtesy and kindness I can assure you that my visit to the country, the destinies of which have been entrusted to you, will always be counted as one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.

Though going homeward I shall leave your hospitable shores with keen regret and shall never cease to cherish the memory of my stay among your noble and highly cultured people.

very Sincerly yours