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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4 (August 1, 1927)

Ladies' Rifle Club

Ladies' Rifle Club.

The Ladies' Rifle Club has not experienced any successes for the last two matches. Although beaten on the two occasions the difference was very small-3 and 2 points respectively. These defeats do not in the least dampen their enthusiasm, for they always enjoy meeting the members of other clubs, and of spending many a pleasant evening.

For a team entering into its first eyar of competition they are doing remarkably well. It will take only a few more matches against other clubs to rid the team of its “stage fright” feeling. When this is accomplished the leaders in the competition will surely have their laurels lowered, for our members are improving every shoot.

The idea of handling a rifle does not, as a rule, appeal to ladies, they being somewhat reluctant to join up. Our present members do not now display any nervousness, although on the first two or three occasions they were apt to shut their eyes and chance to luck.

We have to congratulate Miss V. Armstrong on her latest shoot of 69 out of a possible of 70. This is really good shooting and it won'st be long before she is able to catch the elusive “possible.” Her score of 69 is the highest put up by any of our members, though some others have run it fairly close. Our members, not being content with one night's shooting each week, have recently taken advantage of the few minutes at their disposal during the lunch hour to fire off a few shots. If enthusiasm such as this is maintained they must turn out good shots as they have every attribute but the practise, and now that this is being availed of we should have some top scorers before long. A couple of new members have joined up recently and are doing really well.