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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4 (August 1, 1927)

Workshops Activities

Workshops Activities.

Four of the “Q” class locomotives are being fitted with imported “AB” class boilers, and will shortly be seen in service.

These boilers are fitted with Flexible Flannery stays round the fire-box waterspaces, which should help to reduce the present high rate of staybolt failures.

Locomotives “Q” 340, 341 and 344 have already been arranged for the South Island, and “Q” 350 for the North Island.

The boilers for “Q” 340 and 350 are fitted with “Diamond” soot blowers. This is an attachment fitted to the fireplate of the boiler by means of which a jet of steam can be played on the tubes at intervals whilst the locomotive is running, thus keeping the tubes clean. Great Britain's most powerful locomotive-the “Lord Nelson” of the Southern Railway-is fitted with this device, and good results, both in keeping the tubes clean and in reducing the coal consumption, are being obtained.