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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4 (August 1, 1927)

By Those who Like us

page 33

By Those who Like us

From the secretary, New Zealand Society of Civil Engineers, Wellington, to the Divisional Superintendent, North Island:-

By direction of the Council, and on behalf of the Society I have great pleasure in conveying to you and to the officers of your Department, the most sincere thanks of both Council and Society for the great assistance given by you and by them, assistance which went far towards making the annual conference held in your city last month such a marked success. I am quite sure that all members present fully appreciated the efforts made on their behalf and also the privileges accorded them.

From E. M. Herriott, Canterbury University College, Christchurch, to Mr. H. D. Lowry, Stationmaster, Christchurch:

I wish to thank you sincerely for the trouble you have taken in tracing my suitcase, and to thank you for your letter of recent date stating that it had been found in Nelson. I did not think of inquiring at Newman's Garage, but made inquiries at Pope's through which I had expected it to arrive. I am glad indeed to have it back with its contents just as I had packed them some three months previously.

My confidence in the Railway Department is justified.

From Mr. Erle Rose, Schoolhouse, Wimbledon, Hawke's Bay, to Mr. R. H. Morgan, Stationmaster, Thorndon:-

I have to thank you for your courteous response to my recent inquiry concerning an attache case left on the Napier-Thorndon Express on the 5th March last. The case, which contained books of considerable value to me, has reached me again and I am indeed grateful to the Service which is so careful of its patrons' effects.

From the General Secretary, United Commercial Travellers' and Warehousemen's Association of New Zealand:-

I have much pleasure in stating that a resolution was carried at the conference of the United Commercial Travellers' and Warehousemen's Association of New Zealand held at Auckland on April 4th, thanking your Department and its officers for the courtesy and consideration extended to the members of our organisation during the past year, and expressing the hope that the cordial relations existing will continue.

From the Dredgemaster, Tokomaru, to the Railway Board:-

As Dredgemaster, I wish to thank the Porter-in-Charge of Tokomaru, through your office, for the interest and care taken with goods received for the Makerua Drainage Board.

D. H. Brown and Son Limited, Brookfield Roller Mills, Christchurch, write to the Railway Board of the courtesy and efficiency of the Addington station staff, in the following appreciative terms:-

We feel that we cannot allow this wheat season to pass without placing on record our appreciation of the excellent manner in which this traffic has been handled by your officials at Addington station, and also by the local transport authorities, whose arrangements with our clients, were admirable.

The Stationmaster has, by his courtesy and consideration, made it possible for us to take in record consignments without a hitch of any kind, and without his valuable co-operation the loading at our private siding might have presented insurmountable difficulties.