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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4 (August 1, 1927)

Health Notes

Health Notes.

Mr. “Kid” Atkins, cranedriver at the Locomotive Wheel Depot Works, Stratford, contributes the following sound advice on health to the L. & N. E. Railway Magazine.

Mr. Atkins is a retired Eastern Counties and British Railway Boxing champion and is at present boxing instructor at Liverpool Street Station:-

Keep regular hours and ensure sufficient sleep.

Take exercise every day in the open-air and avoid over-exertion.

Learn to love work and hate indolence. The lazy man never becomes a centenarian. Do not live to eat. Select those aliments most suitable for nourishing the body and not those likely to impair it. Have a hobby. A man with a hobby will never die of senile decay; he has always something to keep either mind or body active, therefore they remain fresh and vigorous. Worry not, nor grieve. This advice may seem cold philosophy and be easier to give than to follow, nevertheless persons of a worrying disposition have often been known almost entirely to break themselves of it by a simple effort of the will. Worry kills. Look upon fresh air as your best friend. Inhale its life-giving oxygen as much as possible during the day; while at night sleep with bedroom window open. Follow this out even in winter. It is one of the great secrets of long life.

Walking: Always do plenty of brisk walking; this is nature's exercise for health. It strengthens every muscle in the body, trains the eye, mind, and chest, and is mentally and physically bracing.

Before retiring to rest always sip a cup of hot water.

Water cleanses the body inside and out, purifies the blood, acts on the bowels, etc. In conclusion, always eat plenty of fruit and watercress. Avoid shop-made pastries like poison.

Live on plain nourishing food. With moderation in all things, you will need no more Doctor's medicine.

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In The Sunny Waikato. Railway Station and Yards, Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand.

In The Sunny Waikato.
Railway Station and Yards, Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand.