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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 9 (February 25, 1927)

Bt Those Who Like Us

page 29

Bt Those Who Like Us

From Colonel Pow, Secretary of the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand:-

I would like to bring under the notice of your Board the splendid work performed by Mr. W. Thomson, Traffic Inspector, Auckland. The recent Royal Show was the third for which railway arrangements had to be made by me and I have no hesitation in stating that it would be difficult to surpass the above officer in efficiency and courteousness.

* * *

From the Mine Manager of the Paparoa Coal Company Ltd., Roa (Blackball) to the District Traffic Manager, Christchurch:—

May we take this opportunity of thanking your Department for the help and consideration to both ourselves and our clients at a time when it was important to our business that the coal should be handled quickly. We wish to thank you personally for your trouble in marshalling and sending forward the wagons and we wish particularly to thank the local Traffic Clerk, Mr. Gembitsky, for his attention and readiness to help us, not only during the day, but on several occasions by the use of his private house telephone during the evening. It has brought home to us the fact that the Railway Board are out to help business and we cannot speak too highly of your recent effort, and of your efficiency.

* * *

From the W. J. Lane Electrical Co., Ltd., Blenheim, to the Stationmaster in Charge, Picton:—

We beg to thank you for the consideration shown to us…… by the Blenheim stationmaster. We had a truck of our electrical goods to go forward to Seddon, but we were unfortunately a few minutes late in getting the stuff to the station. The stationmaster (Mr. D. E. Wilton), however, proved himself most courteous and obliging in the matter and gave us every assistance in getting the stuff away—a fact which we very much appreciate, as our work would otherwise have been held up. We congratulate the New Zealand Railways on having such an obliging and courteous official.

From the Secretary, Wairarapa and East Coast Pastoral and Agricultural Society, Carterton, to the Railway Board:—

We wish to place on record our appreciation of the train arrangements (both stock and passenger trains) made by the Traffic Department in connection with our recent Show, and particularly the manner in which the emergency caused by the slips in the Manawatu Gorge was met, thus enabling stock to be brought through Wellington arriving here in good time for the Show.

We also wish to place on record our appreciation of the services rendered by Mr. Barrett, Stationmaster at Carterton and his staff on this occasion…. The Show entailed a considerable amount of extra work on the stationmaster, not only before and during the Show, but also for several days afterwards….We wish also to state that but for Mr. Barrett's services in getting the special stock train for the Palmerston Show to pick up stock at Carterton, the stock would not have made the journey at all, and the revenue would have been lost to the Department. If the other officers of the service take the same personal interest in the affairs of the Railways and get as closely into touch with the users of the Railway as Mr. Barrett the risk of loss of business through road competition will not be serious.

* * *

From Mr. D. Campbell, Manager “Cook Rock Estate,” Glenledi, Milton:—

Some four weeks ago we had occasion to use the Railway to a fairly large extent. We had to move all the live stock (sheep, cattle and horses) and implements of a large farm at St. Andrews to this estate at Milton. I think it is only right that we should voice our appreciation of Mr. Bell, Stationmaster, at St. Andrews. He is a live man. Not one hitch occurred whilst at St. Andrews in the receiving and despatching of the trucks. His willingness, cheeriness, and organising right through were thoroughly appreciated by Mr. Bowron and myself. On occasions like this the courtesies shown by Mr. Bell stand out and make one feel that the Railway Department is doing its best.