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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 9 (February 25, 1927)

Mis-7 to be Remodelled

Mis-7 to be Remodelled.

The position then is that the familiar Mis-7 (guards' report form) is to be remodelled. At the left hand side of the report there will be a perforated docket which, when in use, will be folded over the main portion of the report, covering it to the extent of about four inches. By means of carbon paper, all entries made on the page 27 detachable part will be recorded on the main portion. The reports will be sent by guards to their district office as heretofore. The dockets will be detached there, checked, and despatched to the Chief Accountant's office, where the statistical information will be extracted. The actual alterations will not be decided upon definitely until various tests are made in the direction of simplifying recording operations, but the information required from guards will be matter that they already record, or know as a matter of course in the running of their trains. The items referred to are tonnage (gross and net), and the number of vehicles and mileage between stations at which the load of the train is changed. From the information so supplied on the docket it will be possible to obtain, inter alia, (a) train, wagon and car miles; (b) gross and net ton miles; (c) train hours; (d) assisting engine miles; and (e) a comprehensive summary of the loading of trains in relation to the ruling grades.

The statistical information compiled from the dockets will be summarised under appropriate headings of trains and districts and supplied to controlling officers weekly. Four-weekly summaries will also be prepared, and after full analysis of the gross ton-mile figures shown thereon a statement will be appended for the information of District officers, showing complete results of the period's operations. Local operating officers will, therefore, be able to check the results of their work promptly and take such steps as may be necessary to effect improvements.

Heavy Special Train Crossing Parnell Bridge, Auckland

Heavy Special Train Crossing Parnell Bridge, Auckland

Apart from the statistical portion there will be other minor alterations in the Mis.-7 report. Those mentioned above necessitated a complete change in the setting, and the opportunity has been taken to make one or two improvements. Greater space has been given for the report on the reverse side, more lines have been allowed for entering the numbers of wagons at starting stations, and a place has been provided for the insertion of counts of passengers (when required).

The altered system will come into operation with the next financial year, but the new guards' sheet will be brought into use somewhat earlier to enable all concerned to become familiar with it.