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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 8 (January 15, 1927)

By Those Who Like Us

page 38

By Those Who Like Us

From Messrs. Murray, Roberts & Co., Ltd:— “In connection with a part cargo of Basic Phosphate (2,300 tons) recently landed ex steamer ‘Carspey,’ we adopted the policy of handling the whole of the Wellington quota by direct delivery into railway trucks, including such portion as was required for transmission to our own store here. In the past the custom has been for the local store supply to be landed on the wharf and conveyed thence to store by carts. The new system was in the nature of an experiment; but we are able to say that it was in all respects satisfactory; and we wish to take this opportunity of thanking the various officers of the Department for the assistance and attention afforded in connection with the work.”

Mr. Lezard, Goods Agent at Wellington, initiated the above arrangement, and Messrs. H. L. Paterson (Goods Foreman) and J. Chambers (Storeman) attended successfully to the details.

* * *

From Messrs. H. North and Sons, Omimi, to the District Traffic Manager, Dunedin:—

We wish to compliment you on the arrangement made by your Department for the conveyance of stock from the Timaru Show. The holding back of the goods train at Oamaru was the means of saving many hours on the return trip. As the time these valuable cattle are in the trucks is our greatest worry the action of your Department in making such splendid arrangements for the return of the stock was much appreciated by exhibitors.

* * *

Mr. W. T. Penny, Secretary of the Manawatu and West Coast Agricultural and Pastoral Association, writes to the Stationmaster, Palmerston North, as follows:—

I am directed by my Committee to express the very great appreciation of members in respect to the way in which the Department is endeavouring to meet the wishes of the Association. I am perfectly sure the Department will not lose anything through these courtesies which will strengthen the friendly relationships now so abundantly apparent.

In a further letter on behalf of the Association, Mr. Penny writes in the following appreciative terms to the Secretary of the Railway Board :—

I am directed by the President on behalf of the Committee, to tender to all the officials of your Department concerned, the very hearty and sincere thanks of members for the manner in which the recent situation in connection with the Show Stock was handled.

On all sides the desire to assist and overcome the difficulties caused by the disastrous landslide in the Manawatu Gorge was manifest, and the President desires, though not invidiously, to thank Mr. O'Shea, the local stationmaster, and his officers for their ready and willing assistance throughout the Show. It would have been a very serious situation indeed for my Committee had your Department not stepped into the breach and handled the over-range stock to the Show. Exhibitors from Hawke's Bay and the Wairarapa are particularly well pleased, and Mr. R. D. Douglas McLean, who had the most valuable consignment of live stock, was, at his own request, put into touch with several of the Departmental officials so that he could personally express his appreciation of the efforts put forward.

The publicity gained by your Department through the excellent display made in the Exhibition Hall will be beneficial. Certainly it was a great attraction and was inspected by some thousands of visitors.

* * *

From the Acting Branch Manager of the Union Steam Ship Company, Westport, to the Stationmaster in Charge, Westport:—

In connection with the recent flood and general disorganisation, I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating your staff and yourself on the prompt manner in which the service was re-established. Not only does it show great credit to the Railway organisation, but also to the untiring efforts of the staff as a whole.