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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Palmerston North:

Palmerston North:

It is with regret that on the first appearance of Branch Notes, I have to chronicle the death of Mr. J. Walker, Assistant Locomotive Foreman, Palmerston North, who passed away on the 4th September last after a painful illness. The late Mr. Walker will be greatly missed, as he had a large knowledge of the local conditions affecting the Locomotive branch. He was a man of strong character, in whom the Department and staff alike had every confidence. Our deepest sympathy is extended to his relatives.

Mr. Fraser, of the Locomotive clerical staff, was on the occasion of his marriage, the recipient of a set of stainless cutlery from his fellow officers. In making the presentation, Mr. McKee, Locomotive Foreman, extended every good wish to Mr. and Mrs. Fraser. Mr. Fraser suitably replied.

The annual leave of members of the Locomotive branch is now well up to date, and members are in readiness to take up the running of the new working timetable, which should shortly make its appearance.

Work on the Railway settlement is now almost completed, and the majority of the houses occupied.

Three new sidings have been constructed in the Palmerston North yard, and are proving of great benefit to the shunting staff. They should also considerably relieve the congestion that consistently occurs during the busy season. The new sidings also provide better facilities for the handling of traffic, both outward and inward, and in this connection it is satisfactory to note that the commercial houses have very favourably commented on the improvements made.

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The Rugby season in Palmerston North was not closed until a team selected from members of the Railway Traffic and Locomotive staffs had tried conclusions with a team from the Post and Telegraph Department. After a very willing game the Railway team snatched a close victory by six points to five. Tries for the winners, neither of which was converted, were scored by McKay and Dobson, while Findlay scored for the Post Office team. The referee, Mr. J. Ryan, who had a very difficult task, ably controlled the game.