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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Canterbury Notes

page 90

Canterbury Notes

Sunday Excursion—Otira.

The inauguration of Sunday Excursions from Christchurch to Otira is proving a great success. The excursions are being well patronised by the public of Christchurch and suburbs. Those who have done this favourite trip speak in glowing terms of the magnificent scenery seen en route. On Sunday, 10th October, two special trains left Christchurch for Otira conveying over 800 passengers. On the same date an excursion was run from Greymouth to Arthur's Pass carrying 600 passengers accompanied by the Greymouth Municipal Band. This gave the public of Christchurch and Greymouth an opportunity to meet their friends. Over 600 passengers journeyed by road from Arthur's Pass to Otira to view the magnificent scenery through the Gorge. The residents of Christchurch are very fortunate in being able to spend an enjoyable day's outing within easy reach of the city. The popularity of these excursions is evidenced by the fact that this is the fourth run to Otira since July, and on each occasion two trains were requisitioned to cope with the demands.

* * *

A Pleasant Gathering.

A visitor to the Workshop Manager's office, Addington, one day recently would no doubt have been puzzled by reason of the drifting in of representative officers in ones and twos shortly before the hour of three in the afternoon. The visitor, had he been observant, may have noticed a certain individual officer among those present in a state of suppressed nervous excitement. What was it all about? Well, nothing very terrible, really. Mr. Norman Wildermoth was about to commence his leave. This leave was different from other leaves. On this occasion he was to be married. The drifting in of officers was due to the fact that a presentation was pending, and the suppressed nervous excitement on the part of one officer was due to the said officer's contemplation of the event and his speech in reply. However, it was soon over and everybody smiled again. Messrs Stringleman and Cooper said some appropriate things and Mr. Wildermoth replied creditably. The latter departed armed with a handsome dinner set and the good wishes of his fellows.

* * *

Loco Notes.

At a meeting held on Sunday, September 12th, it was decided to form a Cricket Club for members of the Linwood Loco Depot to be called the Linwood Loco Cricket Club. The following officers were appointed:—President, Mr. J. R. Johnston; vice-President, Mr. R. Inglis; Hon. Secretary, Mr. G. J. Joyce; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. J. A. Patterson; Hon. Custodian, Mr. R. J. Peattie; Club Captain, Mr. J. D. McLachlan; vice-Captain, Mr. R. Inglis; Auditor, Mr. E. R. Minifie; Selection Committee, Messrs. J. D. W. McLachlan, R. Inglis, G. D. Maindonald, W. Stokes, R. Higman, A. R. Tregurtha. With an energetic membership the Club very soon became financial and were able to get material, also the securing of a ground on the Waltham Opawa Park. To date the Club has had a couple of practices, and the opening day will be held on Saturday, October 16th. All the members have got the “big idea” and when the selectors pick the team to tour England, quite a few from the club expect to be there.

* * *

Mr. W. J. Elliott Retires.

Mr. William John Elliott, ganger-in-charge of Christchurch yard has severed his connection with the Department. He has served the Department faithfully for thirty-five years and commenced his retiring leave on 1st November, 1926. His fellow members wish him health and happiness and trust that he will long be spared to enjoy the benefits of the superannuation fund.

Some Opinions On The “N.Z.R. Magazine.”

The Magazine is well printed and quite impressive in regard to its letterpress. If it attains its ideals it will have rendered the Dominion a signal service.—Otago Daily Times.

* * *

I would compliment you upon the get-up of the Magazine, and wish it every success.—F. H. Gaveson, London and North Eastern Rly.

* * *

I have read the May issue of the New Zealand Railways Magazine with interest and much appreciation. I trust you will permit me to compliment you and through you, your organisation on the initiative displayed throughout its pages.—C. H. Mitchell, Freight Traffic Manager, Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Rly.

* * *

“This very bright and interesting publication.”—D. E. Lamb, Editor Modern Transport.

Truth is but Justice in our knowledge; and Justice is but Truth in our practice.—Milton.