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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

A Pleasant Gathering

A Pleasant Gathering.

A visitor to the Workshop Manager's office, Addington, one day recently would no doubt have been puzzled by reason of the drifting in of representative officers in ones and twos shortly before the hour of three in the afternoon. The visitor, had he been observant, may have noticed a certain individual officer among those present in a state of suppressed nervous excitement. What was it all about? Well, nothing very terrible, really. Mr. Norman Wildermoth was about to commence his leave. This leave was different from other leaves. On this occasion he was to be married. The drifting in of officers was due to the fact that a presentation was pending, and the suppressed nervous excitement on the part of one officer was due to the said officer's contemplation of the event and his speech in reply. However, it was soon over and everybody smiled again. Messrs Stringleman and Cooper said some appropriate things and Mr. Wildermoth replied creditably. The latter departed armed with a handsome dinner set and the good wishes of his fellows.

* * *