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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Looking for a Reward

Looking for a Reward.

Algy's Mother:” I suppose yer getting' a good fee, sir, fer attendin' to the rich Smith boy?”

Doctor: “Well, yes. I get a pretty good fee; but why do you ask?”

Algy's Mother: “Well I ‘ope you won't forget that my little Algy threw the brick what ‘it ‘im.”

* * *

Dean Inge, of St. Paul's, the famous publicist who went on a lecture tour to America, brought back this clerical gem:

A man quite tipsy sagged down on the lobby lounge beside a dignified clergyman.

“Thishs fine hotel,” he began.

“Yes, I find it very comfortable.”

“Whatja say to having a drink?” asked the boozy one genially.

The clergyman's face set severely. “No thank you, I never touch the vile stuff.”

“Shay!” exclaimed the other, “whatja givin' me? You gotcha collar on backwards now!”