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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Blood Thicker Than Water

Blood Thicker Than Water.

A London taxi-driver, putting on a spurt to reach a railway at a certain time ran down a eart, upsetting the contents. A police constable, confronting the taxi-driver, demanded his name.

“Michael O'Brien,” eame the reply.

P.C.: “Indeed. That's my name, too. Where do y' come from?”

T.D.: “Cork.”

P.C.: “And so do I. Now just stand there a moment while I go over and charge this man with backing into ye.”

* * *

An old lady, leaving church after a service which had been attended by a crowded congregation, was heard to say: “If everybody else would only do as I do, and stay quietly in their seats till everyone else has gone out, there would not be such a crush at the doors.”

* * *