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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Unsocialised Weather

Unsocialised Weather.

Lambert Caspers, a Chieago attorney, told this story at a recent Y.M.C.A. banquet:—

A Kansas farmer, a Dane, applied for naturalisation papers. The judge asked him:

“Are you satisfied with the general conditions of the country?”

“Yas,” drawled the Dane.

“Does the government suit you?” queried the judge.

“Yas, yas; only I would like to see more rain,” replied the farmer.

* * *

A woman and her daughter were at sea during rough weather. After a silence of some time the mother asked, “Are you seasick, dear?”

“No, I think not,” replied the daughter; “but I'd hate to yawn.”

* * *

Sociability Vain.

First Motorist: “I thought you said if I were sociable with the judge I should get off?”

Second Motorist: “Were you?”

First Motorist: “Yes; I said, “Good morning; how are you to-day?' and he replied: ‘Fine-£5.’”

* * *

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